September 25th, 2006


This website is only as good as the fandom makes it.

If you have a few minutes free and can take the time to go check some links or verify that we have all our factual data correct and in alignment with what you know of canon, it would be appreciated.

Our website is the result of team effort over a number of years, and though it is still incomplete, we decided to go ahead and launch it since there is enough information that it should be of some value to the fandom at this point. For those of you who have already visited and given us your feedback, you have our thanks.

We have worked very hard to remain as factual as possible. Information and names have been verified first with Gundam, then with canon material, then other supplemental materials. If you notice anything questionable or missing, we'd really like to know about it.

Submission of corrections, changes, suggestions, supplemental material, and feedback is strongly encouraged.

Team Epyon